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Page 85 of 93 Private Air New York | Summer 2015 86 TIPPLE Idyllic Indulgences at Wölffer Estate Vineyard SUMMER IN A BOTTLE By: Gina Samarotto S ummer. e very word evokes visions of blissful days spent in the sun and sultry evenings spent under an indigo ceiling of sky. Given the delight the very word provokes, it's not difficult to understand why Wölffer Estate Vineyard would choose to bestow it upon one of its most popular wines. A rosé ripe with bright flavor, a wine that blushes with the vibrant color of a Hampton's sunset, a wine aptly titled Summer In A Bottle became an instantaneous favorite upon its debut last year. is year, 2014's Summer In A Bottle is the second vintage to get its incredible vibrancy and depth from what Wölffer's winemaker Roman Roth calls, "A slow, steady ripening curve." To the oenophiles of the world, this means that the grapes - a combination of Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Gewürztraminer - were allowed the luxury of ripening at their own rate, harvested individually and at the perfect moment for each. To those who simply love the wine, it means rosé done perfectly. Yet, decidedly delicious though it may be, rosé is but one bloom in Wölffer's fragrant bouquet. Since its inception nearly thirty years ago, the Estate has been a prominent Hamptons landmark. It's a bucolic nirvana comprised of stately stables and equine facilities sprawling across one hundred twenty acres as well as an elegant winery surrounded by fifty-five acres "under vine" - all in the heart of the Hamptons. "e stables came first and then in 1986, Christian Wölffer planted the first vines," explained Senior Marketing Manager Donnell Brown. "In 1996, the winery itself was built and since then, we've grown to be not just a well regarded New York vineyard but a well regarded vineyard that also happens to be a Hamptons destination." Indeed, with its meticulously manicured rows of grapes and a winery ripe with elegantly designed spaces, the Wölffer Estate looks dreamy – more movie set than working farmland. It's a stunning appearance that has undoubtedly helped the winery achieve its position as a coveted location for everything from intimate tastings to elaborate weddings. "ere is such a great energy here," says Brown. "e estate has a wonderful feel to it, as if it were charmed." All aesthetics aside however, Wölffer is first and foremost dedicated to winemaking and firmly ensconced in its position as a serious contender among New York State wineries. Roth began to hone his craft during an apprenticeship in Oberrotweil, Germany at the tender age of sixteen, bringing his expertise to Wölffer in 1992 when he came to the Hamptons to work alongside Christian Wölffer. When the elder Wölffer died in 2009, the winery came into the hands of son Marc and daughter Joey who subsequently brought Roth closer into the fold by making him a partner. Today, Roth is the man predominantly responsible for

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