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Page 51 of 103 Private Air New York | Spring 2018 52 COLLECTIBLES D o you associate antique collecting with people of your parents' or grandparents' generations? Benjamin Macklowe, president of New York City's Macklowe Gallery, is asking you to rethink that image. He suggests that educating yourself about antiques and then choosing the objects you like can be both enriching and gratifying. At a time when many young adults prefer to spend their money on experiences –such as world travel –rather than on objects such as furniture or home accessories, Macklowe suggests that "owning things can be a sign of happiness in your life…We can celebrate our lives by surrounding ourselves with things of beauty." An expert on French Art Nouveau decorative arts, specifically in Tiffany lamps and glassware, Macklowe encourages beginning collectors to seek out beautiful objects for their own homes. "It's not about what it costs but what it means to you," he says. He explains that purchasing antiques is recycling at its best, and that antiques can be surprisingly affordable. "If you are a little bit intrepid and do some By: Tricia Drevets Antique expert advises young collectors to consider art in a whole new way FINDING THE BEAUTY … IN?

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